November 3, 2013 Japanese Language Contest

Join the Youth from the area as they deliver speaches in Japanese. A local University professor, a Japanese Consulate Educational Affairs Consul and our organization’s Vice President will be at San Jose’s main library in downtown San Jose to judge the speaches that are recited and those that were written by the students participating. The topic is ‘Cool Japan’ with the idea of keeping reminding Japan that we think there are a lot of cool features to their country, their culture and their friendship.

The event starts at 1 pm on the second floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. 


Trip Orientation and Q & A Session Sunday Feb 10

Join us on Sunday Feb 10 for an orientation/Q & A session with the program members and a representative from Kintetsu International travel. The location is the 4th floor of Central Computer Building, on Stevens Creek Blvd.The scheduled time is 2-3 PM.

Click Here for a Map and driving instructions.