Trip Orientation and Q & A Session Sunday Feb 10

Join us on Sunday Feb 10 for an orientation/Q & A session with the program members and a representative from Kintetsu International travel. The location is the 4th floor of Central Computer Building, on Stevens Creek Blvd.The scheduled time is 2-3 PM.

Click Here for a Map and driving instructions.


Speech Contest Scheduled for March 17

We are again sponsoring a Japanese language Speech and Recitation Contest on March 17 of this year. The topic of the speeches is:

   Ganbaro Nippon - Spirit from Silicon Valley”.

We join the Spirit of Okayama to address the many challenges occuring in Japan, from the disaster recovery, to employment, to new government, to regional international stresses.
Maybe together, we can bring both countries in a positive movement.Gambaru Nippon - Spirit from Okayama

Also. again this year we are expecting participation of the Consuls from the San Francisco Japanese Consulate [information link].

Youth may deliver speeches and/or recite them from papers that they write.
There is a small entry fee to allow us to cover costs of this event.

Details: in Youth Section [click]