Notice:  At this time, this organization is not the representative of the City of San Jose’s relationship with Okayama Japan.

Youth and Travel

Thank you to the youth who participated in this event and to the Japanese Consulate and SJSU Language Department and Silver Creek HS Japanese Class for their support.


The 2016 Youth Ambassador trip will be June 12-25, 2016., leaving from San Jose’s airport by ANA.

Registration has begun, for information about this program, and to register your interest, visit this web page:

trip info:

Youth Board:
Applications are being accepted to join our Youth Advisory Board. For details, see the youth section.

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Consulate has Now Closed Their Tohoku Disaster Account
For Donations for Japanese Aid
If you wish to contribute to the continuing recovery program, we suggest you contact the Red Cross.

Japanese Consulate in San Francisco

Lots of Good Information about Japan  also:


On line monthly magazine from Japanese Government. The site contains archives back to 2007 and video archives as well. Also, iPhone, Android Apps for this content are available.

And also see the many projects of regional Sister City Programs (including ours in the latest one) in the bi-monthly pdf publication fy the Consulate: Northern and Central California Sister Cities Newsletter [click here]

Wikipedia: We often use Wikipedia to give some background to our postings. If you are interested in supporting this free knowledge base, click on the image








Celebrating Person to Person Relationships Since 1957 

Celebrating over 58 years of person-to-person friendships, this web site is dedicated to the relationships of the people of San José, California, USA and those of Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. San Jose’s tie with Okayama is the third oldest “Sister City” relationship in the Sister Cities International organization, beginning May 26, 1957. 

NOTE: At this time our organization is not the representative of the City of San Jose’s Sister City Program. You may see more information via the San Jose City web site.

We continue to offer support person-to-person relationships between the citizens of the two areas.

At this time this group is not active in general activities. But feel free to contact us if you have some Japan-America activity that needs some material, support or suggestions that we might be able to provide.



High School Youth Japanese Language Contest in Oct

Prior year’s participants and Youth AmbassadorsThe Youth Ambassador program is likely to be sponsoring a similar event, please watch for a link to that event. (Likely to be posted in July, 2016)


You know Golden Week, but do you know Silver Week?

Chris Giadis on Flicker CC: week in Japan featured 5 days in a row of time off. The major holiday was that one that celebrates the seniors in the country. One graphic on the NHK news was that there are over 50% of those treated for heat stroke in this year’s hot weather were over 65 and that many of those suffer from some kind of dimentia. Their senior population continues to grow faster than their youth population, as we understand it. This week’s holidays include Respect for the Aged day (9/21), Bridge Public holiday (9/22) [also hobbit day! as determined by the Ameican Tolkien Society], Autumn Equinox (9/23). Of course, travel was very crowded as now seems so natural these days.

Sorry you missed it, but next year (2016) does not have a Bridge Public Holiday. Can you guess why?


Japanese Public Television Network's NHK-World Has Opened Video On-Demand

Good news for us that are trying to watch some of the great English Language programs from NHK in Japan. Their informational programsing give us all kinds of insight into current and historical Japan, it’s culture and it’s technolgoy. Such programs as Core Kyoto, Tokyo Eye 2020, Japanology, and many others are now available for viewing when you want on line. Like other video networks, there is not a way to download the files at this time.

Live programming from the NHK-World service is available from their web site, from mobile device apps and during some local television programming. The on-line service is generally a 30 minute news program at the start of the hour and a specialty program on the half hour.

If you are planning to visit Japan or just want to know more about it, I strongly recommend the service.
(Bob Green, Secretary) Note that Bob has a large number of programs from the past that he has archived for personal use and is often the source of informational video at the end of our public meetings as his pubilc benefit to share with others..


General Meetings Date has Moved to the 3rd Wednesday of the Month

In an effort to reduce the conflicts for members wishing to attend our public meetings, at the suggestion of the Board, the meeting night has been rescheduled to the 3rd Wednesday of the month. This begins in the month of July, so for example, the next meeting will be held on July 22.


Okayama University to open Informational Office in the Fall

News has come that Okayama University (Okayama, Japan) will be opening an office here in the San Jose area this fall. Professor Seno (Dean of the Graduate School of Natural Sciende and Tecology and Deputy Direcotr of International Affairs as well as a Professor of Nano-Biotechnology) will be attending the event. We will post more information shortly.